• 20/04/2019



Daily transparency and UV protection 

UV rays are everywhere all the time.

Diam's combines comfort, affordability and protection from UV rays.

Daily benefits of Diam's clear UV

  • Transparency
  • Easy to clean (resistant to water, grease and dust)
  • UV protection



Transparency and long-lasting protection    

UV rays are harmful to the eyes and to the skin as well. They affect everyone all year long, even on cloudy days. Moreover, 50% of UV rays reaching your eyes do not come from direct exposure to sunlight but are reflected from various surfaces. To avoid ageing of the eyes and eye damage, you must protect your eyes by choosing corrective lenses with a high protection index.

The new anti-reflective treatment, Neva Max UV, benefits from technology capable of reducing UV reflections on the backside, thus ensuring the best protection throughout the year.

Advantages of Neva Max UV

  • Lasting transparency
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Resists scratches
  • Eliminates reflections

This innovation comes in addition to the other characteristics of Neva® Max: durable transparency and resistance to water, grease, dust and micro-scratches.

Neva® Max UV uses the internationally recognised Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) index which guarantees the level of UV protection.

Neva Max UV is part of a line of products with the "Origine France Garantie" certification




Blue ray

Most people do not imagine their lives without cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers. Various digital devices surround us everywhere: in the office, at home, in institutions, in production.

With the development of digital technologies, our way of life is changing. The use of computers and affordable Internet have made our life more comfortable and more mobile. Studies have shown that 85% of active people spend 5 or more hours a day in front of monitor screens.

Despite the fact that the blue beam is a short wave, it produces a large amount of energy. Thus, it is assumed that long-term exposure to blue rays can damage the eyes.

The lens created with Neva Max Blue UV technology includes a special coating that reduces the penetration of the blue beam into the eyes.

In lenses coated with Neva Max UV Blue, the user of glasses receives high visual comfort, lack of eye strain, high contrast without changing the perception of colors.

Advantages of Neva Max Blue UV

  • Reducing glare
  • Improved contrast
  • Great visual comfort
  • Less strain

Neva Max Blue UV- also includes E-SPF 25 (E-SPF is a protection factor)



The French company BBGR is traditionally considered one of the leading companies in the world market of high-tech antireflection coatings, but never ceases to improve. Today she offers new lenses Neva Max Secret. It has all the good qualities, colorless coating, high degree of stability and stable micro scratches. This is an ideal option that is unrivaled.

Neva Max Secret is the most restrained anti-reflective coating, ideally suited for beautiful frames.

Neva Max Secret removes all hints of the residual color on the lens and is ideal for bright design frames or trendy models without rim.

Neva Max Secret is suitable if

  • You do not like the residual reflection on standard anti-glare lenses
  • You follow innovation and fashion
  • You wear "fashionable" frames
  • Do you want to improve your face
  • You are a professional: an audiovisual, photo or journalistic career

Advantages of Neva Max Secret

  • No color
  • Resistant to micro scratches

This innovation complements the other characteristics of Neva® Max: durable, transparent, resistant to water, grease, dust and micro-scratches.


Optimised for night driving

To strengthen its position in the market, BBGR has developed innovative, special design and solutions that meet the visual needs of customers while driving.

Many people have uncertainty, a feeling of discomfort and stress while driving. Sometimes drivers are afraid that they will crash, unable to respond quickly to danger, for example, a pedestrian crossing the street did not notice or correctly calculate the distance between them and ahead of the car, etc. Eyes get tired and often driving caused by heartburn. The situation becomes even more problematic, especially when driving at night, since there is more stress in the dark and drivers need a wide field of view.

These lenses are designed for those people who want to feel comfortable and safe in their daily lenses, especially when driving at night. It should be noted that at night the pupil diameter increases, the depth of the field decreases and as a result the perception of distance diminishes.

Advantages of Night Drive Boost

  • Comfortable when wearing both in the morning and in the evening
  • Reduces strong front light
  • Protects the eye from UV rays
  • Resistant to micro scratches, dust, water and prints

Night Drive Boost is the best option for all drivers.