• 20/03/2019


Our organization is the official representative of the french company " BBGR " which is known all over the world as a manufacturer of high-quality lenses.

The BBGR company has its history from two oldest French optical firms: the BB- founded by Berthie (Benoist Berthiot) in 1846 in Cezanne, and GR- organized in 1848 in Provence by Gilbert Routi. In 1974, these optical companies merged into one, called the BBGR: combining their technologies and developments to create a new world-class optical enterprise.

Today, BBGR is one of the leading European companies in the production of spectacle lenses. In 2001, it began to expand rapidly, and now the company has more than 2350 employees in 14 countries, it also has an extensive international network of exclusive distributors.

BBGR has its unique and stable place in the optical market. The company offers a wide range of technologically advanced lenses, monofocal, bifocal, office, progressive, prismatic and stereoscopic, for any visual problems. For all lenses, different coatings are recommended, from economy to premium.

Research company BBGR aimed at meeting the needs of both opticians and professionals, and end-users. Experts BBGR constantly update the methods of work and try to provide users with glasses maximum visual comfort.