Xperio Polarising

Xperio Polarising

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 The benchmark for polarising lenses to eliminate glare associated with reflected light. Xperio is ideal for driving and everyday sunwear.

Xperience the contrast

Not all sunglasses are the same. Xperio polarising lenses eliminate the glare caused by reflections, so they're ideal for driving. Xperio wearers notice clearer colours, with enhanced contrast compared to conventional sun wear. Xperio lenses also give 100% protection UV, so they're great for eye health.

When eyes are protected from glare they are less likely to tire, helping the driver's ability to concentrate. With fresher eyes, reaction times are reduced - for safer driving. For example, during a study into the effect of Xperio lenses on driving, at 30 mph (48 kph), reaction time is improved by a third of a second - a reduction in stopping distance of more than four metres.

For people involved in sport, picking out detail is important if participants need to be able to analyse and react quickly and effectively. This can be more difficult in areas where reflections are greater like on snow or water. In such cases, Xperio lenses can give an important competitive edge.

Glare is a real problem

97% of motorists complain about the problems presented by the glare from reflections on the road. It can often lead to traffic accidents, as drivers miss things they would have otherwise notices.

UV is a health hazard too. It's a well known contributory factor to cataracts.

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