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Easy Work

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BBGR offers a wide range of digital and casual lenses which is suitable for any kind of visual problems.

Banishing screen-induced visual fatigue.

Screens - everyday life for nearly everyone

Digital devices like computers, televisions, smart phones, tablets, and games consoles have become part of our everyday life for almost everyone. All the evidence indicates that the time spent in front of these screens only continues to increase.

Screens put extra demand on near and mid-distance vision

At work in particular, the eye travels continuously between the screen, the keyboard, and the work station, creating a loss of contrast and distortion to the user's vision. The effect is amplified when using high resolution screens.
A lens that can mitigate this will have a positive effect on long-term visual comfort.

Many computer users suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) whose symptoms range from headaches and blurred vision to eye strain and dry eyes. Sufferers often also have difficulty refocussing their eyes.

43% of active people experience extended use of screens at work. Such use can lead to CVS.

75% of users suffer from "Computer Vision Syndrome"
43% of active people face an extended use of screens during working hours

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