Salon store "Look optic" has a large selection of optical eyeglass lenses with different properties and characteristics can offer you fast and high-quality service. The store is equipped with all the necessary modern equipment for processing spectacle lenses of any complexity, installing eyeglass lenses in frames of various structures, coloring spectacle lenses and for ultrasonic cleaning of the frame. Here you can quickly discover which spectacle lenses are suitable for you and to what extent do they satisfy your requirements.

Lenses can differ significantly in quality depending from the manufacturers. Preferring the brand BBGR, you can be sure that you choose quality, loyalty to tradition and reliability. Your vision is as individual as you are. When ordering individual spectacle lenses, we are sure to consult our colleagues from France to make lenses perfectly adapted to your individual lifestyle. Therefore, we need some time to deliver your order from France. We also offer photochromic lenses.

The highest level of professionalism, precision machining, high-quality materials and innovative lens are the guarantees for you to trust our products.


Modern optometric services are provided at the "Look Optic" specialized optical salon, which is led by Ruzanna Melikyan, president of the Optometric Association of Armenia.

Various vision disorders (including complex correction) are corrected here with glasses and contact lenses. Various examinations, eye disease diagnoses, and referrals to the appropriate specialist are performed.

Children are examined in the salon as well, and appropriate glasses or contact lenses are prescribed.

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On the basis of manufacturing the spectacle lenses BBGR is long-term experience and knowledge, as well as innovational technologies.