Night drive boost

Night drive boost

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Optimised for night driving

To strengthen its position in the market, BBGR has developed innovative, special design and solutions that meet the visual needs of customers while driving.

Many people have uncertainty, a feeling of discomfort and stress while driving. Sometimes drivers are afraid that they will crash, unable to respond quickly to danger, for example, a pedestrian crossing the street did not notice or correctly calculate the distance between them and ahead of the car, etc. Eyes get tired and often driving caused by heartburn. The situation becomes even more problematic, especially when driving at night, since there is more stress in the dark and drivers need a wide field of view.

These lenses are designed for those people who want to feel comfortable and safe in their daily lenses, especially when driving at night. It should be noted that at night the pupil diameter increases, the depth of the field decreases and as a result the perception of distance diminishes.

Advantages of Night Drive Boost

  • Comfortable when wearing both in the morning and in the evening
  • Reduces strong front light
  • Protects the eye from UV rays
  • Resistant to micro scratches, dust, water and prints

Night Drive Boost is the best option for all drivers.

Eyeglass lenses Night drive boost

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