CooperVision Biofinity Toric

CooperVision Biofinity Toric

  • CooperVision
  • Contact lenses
Made in
  • USA

• Monthly replacement
• Designed for stability, clarity and comfort
• Natural wettability for incredible, long-lasting comfort and clarity
• Highly breathable for clear, white*, and healthier eyes
• Extended range of lenses available to correct higher degrees of astigmatism along with nearsightedness or farsightedness

The Perfect Solution for Astigmatism
With Biofinity toric lenses you can enjoy superior vision and a more comfortable lens-wearing experience—for up to seven days in a row.
Here’s what Biofinity toric lens wearers reported**:
• 100% of Biofinity toric lens wearers rated the lenses as comfortable, overall
• More wearers rated comfort throughout the day, overall vision and overall lens performance as ‘much better’ or ‘better’ with Biofinity toric vs. their usual lens***
• For vision quality during the day, patients rated Biofinity toric lenses 88 out of 100***

Product details
Corrects Astigmatism
Do not provide UV protection 

Contact lenses CooperVision Biofinity Toric

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