New Japanese equipment at Look Optic

  • 27/10/2022

New Japanese equipment at Look Optic


We are pleased to introduce our new equipment from the well-known Japanese manufacturer of precision optometric equipment, NIDEK. It processes and grinds glasses, is fully automated, and can process all types of modern spectacle glasses as well as glasses with a large curvature. The glass in the frame is adjusted with the help of equipment, ensuring a precise fit regardless of the complexity of the frames.


The NIDEK tonopachymeter is a non-contact instrument.

The NIDEK non-contact tonopachymeter is our newest piece of equipment.

  • Performs pachymetry (calculating the thickness of the cornea) at the same time.
  • It allows you to measure intraocular pressure quickly and accurately in a non-contact manner.
  • Determination of the anterior chamber angle.

Refractive System NIDEK

  1. The first and only auto-refkeratometer that is fully automated and compact:
  • Autorefractometry:
  • keratometry;
  • topometry;
  • accommodation analysis;
  • Analysis of turbidity.
  1. A phoropter optotype system with data transmission automation.
  2. Determine subjective refraction quickly and accurately using an ergonomic system.
  3. Assessment of day, twilight, and night vision
  4. Physiological myopia compensation
  5. Investigating binocular vision
  6. Polarization of dissociation