LOOK OPTIC. 7 years in the market

  • 25/11/2022

LOOK OPTIC. 7 years in the market

Look Optical recently celebrated its seventh year in business. The anniversary was celebrated in grand style at LOOK OPTIC's newly opened salon at 43/14 Mashtots.

Over the last seven years, the company has built a strong reputation, broadened its range of activities, created new opportunities, and enhanced its professional capabilities.

For the past seven years, the first LOOK OPTIC salon has been located at 30 Fuchiki St. on the S.W. Malayan Ophthalmological Center's first floor. The second specialized salon, LOOK OPTIC, opened in the summer and provides a wide range of high-quality and certified sunglasses and optical glasses, corrective frames, and contact lenses for everyone.

The anniversary event of LOOK OPTIC was attended by the company's employees, led by the founder-director, famous ophthalmologist-optometrist Ruzanna Melikyan, and many guests, including Janis Japins and Linards Klesnieks, regional representatives of the Kontessa company from Latvia. Kering Eyewear, an optical and sunglasses company, is an official distributor for Kontessa.